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sanlucardeguadiana.com is a non-political group that has been formed by some of the villagers and which we, as foreign residents of this village, are being asked to be aware of. The only requirement for anyone wanting to participate in this group is that he/she has the well-being of the village at heart and a desire to act in the best interests of all of living here.

sanlucardeguadiana.com is a group whose principle aim is fairness towards all village residents, independent of their political ideology, and which is calling for greater transparency in the Ayuntamiento’s running of the village, whichever political party happens to be in power at any particular time. It is most firmly not a group that is aiming to either criticise or support any particular political party or individual.

The group hopes to make us all aware that we, as members of this village, have a duty to be aware of the Ayuntamiento’s projects and plans. The group insists that the best way of fighting anything we see as unfair or underhand is to act together and to insist that public opinion on important social, building and environmental issues is sought before important decisions are made. The Ayuntamiento must also be willing to account for any money it spends in an open and honest way. In an event of seeming injustice then the group will publically criticise and if necessary denounce the governing body. There is also a move to insist that any work available on behalf of the Ayuntamiento be shared out fairly among all the unemployed of the village and not just a lucky few.

The group also encourages any constructive ideas that may help make Sanlúcar an even nicer place to live and if anyone feels moved to write anything, there´s a web address you can use which is participasanlucardeguadiana.com

The group’s first action on behalf of its villagers has been to exercise its right to record the public sessions the Ayuntamiento is legally obliged to hold. (At the moment these sessions are held quarterly – the minimum legal requirement – sanlucardeguadiana.com is asking for them to be held more frequently.) Being able record and publish these recordings is a national right (article 20.1 of the constitution, ley organica 1/1982, 5th May) and one which many other local governments are happy to comply with. After much letter-writing, procrastination and even an organised police presence to block any attempts to record the most recent meetings, the Ayuntamiento has now ‘agreed’ to its meetings being recorded and published on this site. For full details of all the wranglings, see the Spanish version of this website.


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